Friday, February 01, 2013

Onsite Video

Wishes, Love, Hopes.....
from family & friends -- THANK YOU!

Greetings Video by:
Mark & Evelina Rose (Las Vegas, USA)
Bermudez Family (Doha, Qatar)

Greetings Video by:
Bathgate Family (California, USA)
Lourlyn Garcia (Vancouver, Canada)

A sneak preview.....

Pre-nup Photos by The 12 Masters
Music: Sunny Day by Joy Williams
Location: Jardin De Miramar, Antipolo

Onsite Video by Chug Cadiogan
Music: By Chance (You & I) by JR Aquino
Location: Christ the King Green Meadows, White Plains / Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Supplier Ratings

As a W@W member tradition, it is nice to share personal experiences to soon-to-be grooms & brides. Please understand that whatever I say or post (ratings / feedback) here are solely based on me and my hubby’s observation and opinions during our wedding preps and the day itself.

{Rating: 5 – Highly Recommended; 1 – Needs Improvement}

Rating: 5

When I think about simplicity, beauty and elegance, I had to look back on my wedding gown which reminds me of humility and satisfaction. I remember one time when I sent an email to Zandra regarding my concerns about the dress, she acknowledged it wholeheartedly and said "rest assured, I’ll be giving you the gown that you like." And so come the big day, it was such a relief that the promise has been delivered exquisitely. She gave us not only lovely dresses but also considered value of money. I was also touched that she was there during my preps too..

I admire how Zandra sketch gowns effortless, she knows her craft very well; from the color, shape, style, length, fabric --FASHION, she knows it best!

Original sketch. Some edits on the waste part was made..
I wanted to have a very simple gown with no beads, nothing too glittery and not white. Just conservative-looking front with layered laces, low-back with a nice appliqué at the waist and an organza fabric for the a-line princess wedding dress.. something classic and timeless. I also appreciate that she sent a petticoat for me which I thought before that I’m not going to need but thank goodness there is!

Applique with Feathers and a nice Brooch
I also adore my female entourage dresses. I wish I have one for myself that looks exactly as what they have :) I asked Zandra to design it plain so my girls can still use it for other party or events.

Top left: Edwin & Joann, Top right: Edward & Lacel
Bottom left: Jomar & Gem, Bottom right: Edgar & Mae
I chose the champagne color for the Secondary Sponsors as it highlights their complexion and pretty faces. And, pale pink color for my Maid of Honor to put a light blush that portrays a blooming fresh outfit.
Ladies pictorial
And of course, for the most important women of our lives... our Moms, it was Zandra who suggested the old rose shade for them. Well, you have to agree with me that they all look stunning!

OTD COORDINATOR/EMCEE: Perfect 10 Weddings / Darlene Tan
Rating: 5

Darlene possess the qualifications, me and my hubby is looking for on a wedding coordinator. A person who knows how to manage her team and the crowd, can handle odd situations professionally, well-organized and detail-oriented, budget-wise, trustworthy and has a time management skills. She is very knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the whole event. She doesn't run out of ideas and advices as if she memorized a wedding event by heart and lives with it.

Darlene's short interview after the entrance.
The P10W package was brilliant! I really appreciate that we have someone who is there to assist all throughout the day which Brides really needs. The care was also felt by our guests and having her as our emcee was fun :) I was very calm during the "Big day" because I know that everything we have planned is going to be implemented perfectly with the help of P10W team and so it was! 

Singles Game (for Ladies)
Singles Game (for Men)

Games for married couples

RECEPTION & PREPS VENUE: Eastwood Richmonde Hotel
Rating: 5

Pie Lim was the banquet manager who handled the overall reception and preps venue. She is very accommodating and patient on our demands and requests. She introduced us to Chef Bienvenido who presented different sets and options of food to be served. We were so glad that our guests loved the sumptuous meals, the soup & bread, the main course, the carvings and the colorful-sweet desserts.

The Grand Entrance
Three-layered Fondant Cake
Eastwood Richmonde Hotel was absolutely a great choice! We felt extraordinary special as they gave us more surprises that we are so grateful for.. The rooms/suites are big, modern and new, the grand ballroom is spectacular as we wanted a place that looks classic and the space is just enough for the number of guests that we have.

Welcome to the party!
The First Dance
This hotel made us feel at home.. no need to worry about everything as they have the rooms, the cake, the wine, the food, the stage & sofa, flower centerpieces, sound system, white screen, etc.. all-in!

CHURCH: Christ the King Parish (CTK), Greenmeadows
Rating: 5

We attended a two-day Marriage Vocation Program wherein we get a chance to speak and collaborate with married and soon-to-be married couples which gave us a broader perspective of how critical a decision is on becoming a family man/woman. It was Ms. Lily, the Parish Coordinator who was so kind and helpful to all 35 couples of our batch in collating the documents and requirements.

Christ the King Parish in Greenmeadows provided us a solemn and intimate Holy Matrimony. The ambiance was relaxed and joyful. The Church has a beautiful altar, it is air-conditioned, the carpet is blue, there are white Calla Lilies (which are similar to our table flowers at the lunch reception) and the doors automatically opens which gave us a dramatic entrance with the following marching songs:

• Canon in D by MOZART Pachelbel (Violin, Cello & Harp) for the Groom, Parents, Principal Sponsors & Entourage
• Book of Days by Enya for the Bride & Parents

A walk in the aisle
Rev. Fr. Allan Lapay who officiated the ceremony gave us a positive and meaningful homily. Here is one of our favorite line he mentioned:

``WORDS are nothing, at times they become USELESS. But the most important thing that we must do is perfect them in ACTION. And so, when one says "I will be with YOU until my death, until the last breath of my life... It means you must be faithful to one another.”


PHOTOGRAPHER: The 12 Masters / Marvin Dungao

Rating: 4

The event has made to be remembered forever.. as The 12M visualizes such beautiful scenes and captured every single moments that we will always look back.

MOH helping the bride put on the shoes & garter tradition
Marvin plays with colors, lighting, angles, pose & style. He has this talent of taking pictures being keen to details and makes everything looks very natural (realistic).

Gentlemen pictorial

Photo sessions with Marvin are both challenging and fun at the same time.

However, I rate them 4 as they were not able to deliver the Album and Portrait within the period/timeline stated in their contract. We had to chase them (almost a year!). Nevertheless, their service recovery is very good.. they have shipped the Album to our home overseas with no extra cost! :)

Rating: 4

The on-site and wedding coverage videos has captured the most important messages of the whole ceremony. They were able to execute the video transition of each part of the event smoothly.

The movie was a mixture of drama and happiness!

Watch the Onsite Video:

However, I rate them 4 as there were missing scenes that we hope was there, which could have been video recorded and the initial copy of the edited video is corrupted so on the day our family gathered to watch it, our excitement turned into disappointment. Thus, we had to wait for a few more days for a good copy.

Rating: 5

We wanted our guests to at least have a souveneir of the event and thus thought that since everyone is addicted with taking photos of themselves, a Photo Booth is the best option to have wherein guests can strike a pose and get it printed immediately.

The Layout.
Party Pics is fast and responsive to our emails. They are easy to transact with, just give the monogram for the backdrop and photos and they'll do the layout and all for you!

ENTOURAGE FLOWERS: Vatel Manila / Dylan Gozum
Rating: 4

What we like about Dylan's creation is the uniqueness of the flowers he used to create lovely bouquets, corsages and boutonnières.

Some of it includes Esperance Ecuadorian Roses, Pink Hyacinth/Tulips, Queen Anne’s Lace, Pink Hypericum Berries, Baby Pink Carnation, Fuchsia Celosia, Cymbidium Orchids, Green Solidago Inserts, Ostrich Feathers and Grass Accents..
The hard work in putting up all those flowers and for the fact that they have delivered them at exactly 5:00 in the morning is something that we really appreciate.

However, I gave them a 4 as I felt that there is something more beautiful Vatel Manila could have created for the fabric boutonnière that is worth the pay. We have high expectations for this supplier as we admire several designs they made as seen on their site.

The Groom on his tuxedo


• (Pre-nup) Jeng Flores
Rating: (HMU Skills) 5, (Professionalism) 1

When it comes to make-up details and the complicated method of putting on colors to every part of the face, no questions ask --she's very good at it. However, her attitude during the make-up session (maybe because of no sleep coming from a late event the day before our photoshoot) she seems to be in a bad mood and was telling me that she hates doing make-up on chinese or small eyes (ehem, ehem!). We were also shocked when she called her hairstylist over the phone screaming in front of us which is unprofessional at all.

• (Bride) Toni Rodriguez
Rating: (HMU Skills) 3, (Professionalism) 4

Based on what she's telling me about the difference of doing make-up for other occasions comparing with wedding events, I had the impression that she was not very confident on her work. Though still, the output is good as she was able to retain the natural look for a morning bride.

I love the pink lipstick she put as it gave life to my pale face :)

Headpiece provided by Zandra Lim

• (Entourage) Hazel Gonzales
Rating: (HMU Skills) 5, (Professionalism) 5

I didn't actually saw her (there's too much people all over the room) and I have never worked with this hair and make-up artists but I gave them a high score as I received positive feedback from my female entourage and it's obvious on the outcome that they did very well!

Lacel having her hair done.
Gem having her make-up.

E-SESSION VENUE: Jardin De Miramar, Antipolo
Rating: 5

We were looking for a near location from Quezon City for the photoshoot session and found the perfect venue at Antipolo. The Jardin is wonderful because there are so many scenes that you can take pictures on. Some of them are views of Intramuros, Casa Santa, Terraza and Galera settings. You'll found all these in one place!


BRIDAL CAR: Don Robert's Bridal Car
Rating: 2

The only supplier that gave me stress on the day of our wedding. The car is clean and fine. However, the driver doesn't know where the Church is and has no sense of direction. This is surprising as a transportation service, the driver must know how to bring his passenger to the destination the soonest possible time.

I still gave a 2 as we were able to arrive at the Church safe and not so late.

INVITATION: Printed Matter 
Rating: 2

The supplier that gave us headaches before the "Big Day" is Printed Matter. There are a lot of hidden charges which are not clearly stated during the reservation at the Wedding Expo where we found them. There are a lot of errors on the content itself which troubled us to go back and forth of their kiosk and experienced long wait as some delivered Story Book invitation cards are defective or not properly assembled.

Storybook Invitation

I still gave them a 2 for the final output which is because of me and my hubby's patience, effort and creativity.

WEDDING RINGS: Laricel's Jewelry 
Rating: 5

Our most precious gift from our lovely cousin Lacel and Principal Sponsors Tito Larry and Tita Maricel. We were very grateful to be blessed with such beautiful gold wedding bands.

The rings would always remind us of the promise we gave in front of God, our families and friends.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Childhood Video

Another DIY project, we are supposed to create a Growing-up video which is usually being shown at Wedding receptions. But we decided to just put photos when we were kids since most of our single and couple pictures are already seen by everyone.

Digging up our old photos which our Moms kept for a long time was such a happy moment as we were able to look back from our past, saw how cute we are as a baby *blushing* and how playful we are during kindergarten and gradeschool.

So, here it is...

Background Music:
  • Fireflies by Owl City
  • Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

First Dance

We are so clueless on what we're supposed to do on our first dance. One idea we thought of is to choose a modern song like Ne-Yo's One In A Million then have our entourage join us perform. But we don't have time to practice and it will take too much effort to choreograph a whole dance number.

Our Wedding Coordinator Darlene Tan, encouraged us to perform a medley dance. She said that it'll be easy to have few steps on different songs that can last for only 1 or 2 minutes. We said we'll think about it...

After several hours of brainstorming with my hubby, we listed down five songs. Started it with a classic waltz and the rest are crazy-whatever music that comes into mind. And so it goes like this...

1. 1867 J. Strauss II- The Blue Danube - Waltz
2. Sorry Sorry by K-Pop Super Junior
3. Nobody by Wonder Girls
4. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
5. Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 (The Voice Performance) [feat. Christina Aguilera]

My Tip: Compile and cut music by using Windows Live Movie Maker. Just add your mp3 songs in order then trim it. 

The experience was really fun and it was great to see that the crowd enjoyed it as well.. and yeah, they were surprised!

Thanks  to Christine Tejero for capturing this short clip for us :)

Sunday, April 08, 2012

DIY Projects

We envision our wedding as a cozy morning, pale colors and classic-modern fairy tales. We thought of creating a monogram which doesn't only shows the first letter of our names but put a tree which symbolizes life given by God that bears good fruits. The R font is like a kite hanging on the tree and the C font is like a man sitting under the bushes of the tree. The owls represent our parents to whom we offer this celebration.

Our monogram in short, means starting a new life together which would always remind us that God is at the center of our relationship, that there are so much in life we should be grateful for such as our home, families and friends around us.

This monogram was used in the following:
  • Missalette front cover
  • Sticker for the Wedding Invitation box
  • Thank You cards for the Sponsors
  • Photo Booth background layout
Applications we use to design the Monogram:
  • MS Word
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Paint

Save The Date Card
The Save The Date card is a preview of the wedding day itself. We wanted it to look fun, posh and classy. We also put our color motif on it: Champagne and Pale Pink to give a hint for our guests of what they could probably wear on the event.

Distribution method:
  • Print on card board paper, put on a glimmering envelop
  • Save as jpg or tif, send through Facebook or Email
Credits for the Pre-nup photo shoot:
  • Marvin Dungao (The 12 Masters) Photographer, December 2010 Promo
  • Jardin De Miramar, Antipolo for the venue
  • Uncle Fely's Van for the transportation
  • Jennifer Sy Flores as the Make-up Artist & Martini as Hair Stylist
  • Roshee's attire: top blouse, skirt, vintage ring from Forever21, floral belt from Zara, shoes from Charles & Keith
  • Conrad's attire: white pants from Lee, polo, rubber shoes from Zara

My Tip: 1. Schedule your trial make-up on your pre-nup photoshoot day. 2. Book your wedding suppliers at least one year ahead.. there are promo or price lock rates that can save your budget a lot! 

This is one of the most time-consuming DIY project we did as we had to type every single word of the whole ceremony and print it as a booklet-type layout. This is important as it's used by the Priests and Readers during the mass. We were given the wrong version at first so we had to reproduce it again and modify some parts of it.

Applications used to create a Missalette:
  • MS Word / MS Publisher
  • 30 pieces photocopy by InterMatrix located at Eastwood, CyberMall

My Tip: 1. Have your Missalette proof-read and approved first by the Priest or by the Church Coordinator before producing several copies. 2. Ask if the Church has a copy service that is probably cheaper than having it made by invitation card makers usually found at malls. Otherwise, do-it-yourself.. you'll only need a printer and bond papers anyways. 

The Entourage & Supplier's List
At the early stage of wedding planning (at least 6 months before the big day), it is important to list down all the suppliers you want to provide the service on your event and inform them as early as possible, especially those who have roles in the ceremony, etc. so they can commit on the schedule as you have to consider their travel or availability.

 ♥ Happy Preps! ♥